NCS Index 2050

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Find or visualise an NCS Standard colour quick and easy with this essential colour fan.

Our most popular fan deck containing all the NCS 2050 Standard colours, arranged by hue.

A highly optimised colour sorting based both on user preferences and the smartness of the NCS System. The right tool for quickly identifying and visualising an NCS Notation.


“The new NCS 2050 fandeck is a remarkable improvement compared to the 1950. The new layout is so much easier to navigate through and makes a lot more sense especially for the novice user”

Gabriel Vermeulen – Technical Director – Laminin Coatings


The NCS Index is perfect to carry along as a complete colour reference tool.

The most used low chromatic white, grey and black colours are gathered in one separate section for easy access and usability.

Each page in the fan has smart navigation in the top corner and NCS Notations printed on each of the colour samples.


  • 233 colour pages, 4-10 colours per page.
  • Sturdy, laminated paper cover with protective elastic band locking.
  • Colour panel size: 22×50 mm and 26×50 mm.



Quality: Coated colour samples at NCS Quality Level 1